To understand a changing planet we create, analyze and distribute massive amounts of data.

With powerful new tools, we can see the planet, live, like never before.

Rapid advances in machine learning, coupled with cheap cloud computing, allow us to draw meaningful insights in real time from satellites, sensors, and phones.

Our world-class data team creates and curates geospatial data with high speed and accuracy. We can quickly map your city or project area. We create pixel-perfect training data for machine learning.

Working for the people who work on the world's hardest problems.

We roll our tools into fully automated pipelines, and deliver real-time monitoring and forecasting at a global scale.

We are crunching decades of satellite imagery and radar data to help energy planners connect the 1.1 billion unplugged.

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We're a team of engineers and designers working on big projects. We believe in open source and in building for lasting impact.

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